Tennessee Valley Chapter
of the North American Butterfly Association
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About Us
The Tennessee Valley NABA Chapter was formed in 2008. The chapter's territory is centered around southeastern Tennessee, but also encompasses parts of north-western George and northeastern Alabama. Anyone who joins the national organization within a zip code area beginning with 343, 373 (except 37355 which is allocated to the Middle TN NABA chapter), 307, 357 or 359 will automatically become a member of the chapter.

The Tennessee Valley Chapter enjoys occasional field trips and participation in official NABA butterfly counts. You will receive the national NABA publications, Butterfly Gardener and American Butterflies, and a local newsletter, On The Wing, highlighting chapter events. Everyone is welcome to these events whether you are a member of not. Please check the latest NewsLetters for information.

Chapter Officers for 2020–2021
President Bill Haley
Vice President David Spicer
Secretary Susan Schott
Treasurer Susan Schott

The North American Butterfly Association
The North American Butterfly Association (NABA) was formed in 1992 by Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg, a scientist, lawyer, former president of the Xerces Society and author of Butterflies Through Binoculars, one of the most widely-used butterfly field guides available. NABA was started to popularize the study of butterflies through observation and identification though the use of field marks rather than by collecting.