Tennessee Valley Chapter
of the North American Butterfly Association
Carolina Satyr Male Zabulon Skipper Delaware Skipper Red-banded Hairstreak Checkered White Cabbage White Eastern Tiger Swallowtail American Copper Sleepy Orange
Where to see butterflies in our area
Bradley County County
Cleveland Greenway
The Cleveland Greenway is located along Keith Street.
Check out the Greenway web site for more information.
Fletcher Park
Fletcher Park is a 720-acre passive, nature oriented park. It has a five mile walking trail that winds through varied habitat.
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Red Clay State Park
Red Clay State Park is located in the south eastern corner of Bradley County. It has varied habitat which includes wooded ridge tops, open fields and beaver ponds.
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Hamilton County County
Bakewell Mountain

Note: Most of the locations on Bakewell Mountain are now posted Private, No Trespassing.

The best location in our area for Gorgone Checkerspot is here. Park in the area just off of the road. Take some water with you and wear sturdy hiking shoes, the climb back out can be brutal on a hot day. Check out the wooded side road to the left just past the bottom of the hill. Other species that have been seen in this area include Great Spangled Fritillary, Diana Fritillary, Aphrodite Fritillary (one time), Pearl Crescent, Hobomok Skipper, Swarthy Skipper, Brown Elfin (one time), Eastern Pine Elfin, Banded Hairstreak, Striped Hairstreak, Common Wood Nymph, Wild Indigo Duskywing and Little Yellow .

Check out the area around this small wetland for various species including Reversed Roadside Skipper and Dusted Skipper. (This area is now mostly overgrown)

Watch the sides of the road as you drive along for Diana Fritillaries, Great Spangled Fritillaries, Coral Hairstreaks and other species.

Blue Blazes Trail
The Blue Blazes Trail is located on the Moccasin Bend peninsula. Walk out the road to the field surrounding the radio towers. Also check along the edge of the road leading into the parking lot and both sides of the main road beyond where you turn into the area.
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Enterprise South Nature Park
This park is part of what was the Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant property. It has a number of roads, walking trails and mountain bike trails. It hosts the only known colony of Yucca Giant Skippers in the county. Goatweed Leafwings, American Ladies, Viceroys, Hackberry and Tawny Emperors, Red-spotted Purples, Falcate Orangetips and other bugs common to the area can be found here. We have occasionaly seen Henry's Elfin, Juniper Hairstreak, Banded Hairstreak, Delaware and Dion Skippers.
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North Chickamauga Creek Gorge
There are a number of trails along North Chickamauga Creek, which is an extension of the Cumberland Trail State Park in Soddy-Daisy, TN. These wooded trails are somewhat shaded, but can be good for a wide variety of species along the creek or in sun dappled areas. There is an ample gravel parking area if you wish to butterfly along the creek trails. Be aware this is a popular swimming spot used by many locals, and it can be quite crowded on hot summer days. Care should be taken not to leave valuables in sight within your car in any parking area at North Chickamauga Creek.
This is a state park patrolled at random by Park Rangers. Collecting of any plants or butterflies is strictly prohibited and subject to stiff fines.

   - From Chattanooga, take Hwy. 27N;
   - Take the Thrasher Pike exit and turn left;
   - Thrasher Pike T´s into Old Dayton Pike, turn right;
   - After crossing over creek bridge, at first traffic light turn left onto Montlake Road;
   - You´ll start up mountain in ½ mile. Look for the entrance to the North Chickamauga Creek parking area on your left;
Standifer Gap Marsh
The Standifer Gap Marsh is better know for its birding opportunities but can be great for butterflies. Some of the species that have been seen there are Little Yellow, Checkered White, Common Checkered-skipper, Dion Skipper, Ocola Skipper, Least Skipper, Viceroy, Hayhurst's Scallopwing and Common Sootywing.
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Marion County County
Ketner's Mill
Ketner's Mill ...
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Pot Point Field Station, (known locally as the Pots House)
Pot House ...
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Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area
Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area is located on Walden's Ridge. As you drive along the main road look for Dianas, Coral Hairstreaks and other species.
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Park here and walk down the side road.

Drive down the side road to the lake (small pond). Watch for Hairstreaks, Dianas, Satyrs and other species along the road. Pearlyeyes, Skippers and various other species have been seen in the power line cut before you get to the lake. There is a trail of sorts around the lake. Look for Least Skippers, Swallowtails, Satyrs and others. Lace-winged Roadside Skippers have been seen at the power line cut and in the area between the road and the lake.
Polk County County
Hiwassee Scenic River Park
The Hiwassee Scenic River Park is located along the Hiawasee River. Check out the flowers that have been planted around the Visitor Center .